The SIN Foundations of Software course at EPFL is taught on Tuesdays from 10:15 to 12:00 and on Fridays from 10:15 to 12:00. Courses are in INM 202, projects and exercises in CO 020 and CO 121.

Course's progress

Tuesday 4 December
Course “Featherweight Java”
Friday 7 December
Exercise session on featherweight Java
Tuesday 11 December
Course “Featherweight Java”
Friday 14 December
Exercise session on featherweight Java

Whole program…


The final exam will take place on Janyary 22nd, 2008, in room CM2.

Last year's mid-term exam can be consulted here (solution). The exam is "open books", so you are allowed to bring the textbook and prints of the course's slides.

This year's mid-term exam can be found here (exam sheet). Our solution is here.

You can find your grades for the exams in Sygeco.

Course's grading

Each enrolled student will receive a grade based on his results for the projects, the mid-term exam and the final exam. The relative importance of each part is as follows.

mid-term exam30%
final exam40%

A note about cheating (plagiarism)

Sharing ideas between groups is very recommended. Plagiarising code as part of a project will not be tolerated — whatever the source.

In case of cheating, you will receive the grade “NA” (not acquired, zero) for the concerned project or exam, or for the whole course. You may furthermore be denounced and punished in accordance with the ordonnance sur la discipline.

If you are in any fashion worried about this, speak with an assistant.