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Scala Pickling

Fast, Customizable, Boilerplate-Free Serialization for Scala

Pickling (or serializing) an object is as easy as:

import scala.pickling._
import json._

val pckl = List(1, 2, 3, 4).pickle

Unpickling is just as easy:

val lst = pckl.unpickle[List[Int]]


Details of the pickling framework can be found in our draft paper (under review):

Instant Pickles: Generating Object-Oriented Pickler Combinators for Fast and Extensible Serialization, by Heather Miller, Philipp Haller, Eugene Burmako, and Martin Odersky. In OOPSLA'13, Indianapolis, IN, USA, October 26-31 2013.


ScalaDays 2013
On Pickles and Spores: Improving Support for Distributed Programming in Scala,
by Heather Miller, June 13th 2013

Strange Loop 2013
Spores: Distributable Functions in Scala,
by Heather Miller, September 18th 2013
(this talk covers mostly spores, closures that you can serialize and distribute in Scala)

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Scala Pickling for Scala 2.10.3 is available on Sonatype! You can find Scala Pickling under groupID: org.scala-lang and artifactID: scala-pickling_2.10. The current version is 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.

You can use Scala Pickling in your SBT project by simply adding the following dependency to your build file:

libraryDependencies += "org.scala-lang" %% "scala-pickling" % "0.8.0-SNAPSHOT"

For a more illustrative example, see a sample SBT project which uses Scala Pickling.

Or you can just directly download the jar.

What Makes It Different?

Scala Pickling…