Computer Science Department
Programming Methods Laboratory

Compilation     winter 99/00
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Assignment 3

This assignment consists of three subparts:
  • Write the remaining classes for the abstract syntax tree
  • Extend the parser to generate the abstract syntax tree
  • Write a pretty printer for the abstract syntax tree
For the classes of the abstract syntax tree a framework is provided on the WWW in the file If you have no position managment in your scanner/parser, you can use the new nextCh() routine from and also

For extending the parser you will sometimes need arrays of subtrees. You can use for doing this.

There is also a framework for the pretty printer on the WWW: This pretty printer uses the concept of a visitor. You will need the pretty printer to check, whether you built a correct tree. It is not neccessary to print correct J0 and it does not matter if you have additional parentheses.

This assignment is valid only 5 points!

The assignment is due on Friday, 17.12.99.
Tutorial for Programming Language Implementation, 08.12.99