Oral exam

The oral exam will last 10 minutes per person, without any preparation. Please wait in front of the room until you are told to enter, and come five minutes before you're supposed to start. The exam will take place on two different days, and in two different rooms. The schedule is as follows:

Schedule Thursday, May 29th, room BC355
09:00-09:10Cédric Lavanchy
09:10-09:20Thomas Hofer
09:20-09:30Sebastian Gfeller
09:30-09:40Giuliano Losa
09:40-09:50Damien Zufferey
10:00-10:10Hadrien Copponnex
10:10-10:20Jérôme Pilchen
10:20-10:30Ilya Cassina
10:30-10:40Zheng Da
Schedule for Friday, May 30th, room INM 10
14:30-14:40Nathalie Casati
14:40-14:50Aristidis Papaioannou
14:50-15:00Alexandre Roux
15:00-15:10Pierre-Evariste Dagand
15:10-15:20Quentin Heath
15:30-15:40David Joaquim
15:40-15:50Ersoy Bayramoglu
15:50-16:00Alexandre Cassata
16:00-16:10Cristina Viñas