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Note: This guide is DEPRECATED. It has been replaced by the JWeb Development, Distribution, and Deployment Guide. If you can't find information you need here, but do see it there, please let us know so we can put it where it belongs. (This version will be kept for JavaSE 6, but is slated to be removed for JavaSE 7.)

For new features and enhancement in Java Deployment for Java SE 6, see Deployment Enhancements in Java SE 6.

Java™ Deployment is a broad-ranging topic, including the following:

Some of these topics, such as setting options in the Java Control Panel and updating the Java Platform on a computer, are covered in the Java Deployment Guide mentioned below; others, such as Installation of the Java Platform and writing applications and applets, are covered elsewhere. For a more detailed description of the topics listed above, see the Overview in the Java Deployment Guide.

Java Deployment Guide

The Java Deployment Guide provides an overview of Java Deployment; describes the Java Control Panel, the Java Update mechanism, applet compatibility issues related to the Microsoft versus Sun VM, silent installation for Windows, and autodownload; and includes an installation and update FAQ.

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