A Generic Java Language Extension

Related work

A number of other researchers have looked at how to add generic types to Java.
  • Odersky and Wadler's previous work on Pizza, published in POPL 97. Here is a list of differences between Pizza and GJ.

  • Myers, Bank, and Liskov's work on PolyJ, published in POPL 97.

  • Agesen, Freund, and Mitchell's work on supporting generic types in the class loader, published in OOPSLA 97.

  • Cartwright and Steele's work on NextGen, a Java extension (and a GJ extension) that passes types at runtime, published in OOPSLA 98.

  • Thorup's work on virtual types in Java, published in ECOOP 97.

  • Bruce, Odersky, and Wadler's work on statically safe virtual types, published in ECOOP 98.

  • Bokowski and Dahm's work on Poor Man's Genericity for Java published in JIT 98.

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