A Generic Java Language Extension

Other Questions

What are current developments and future plans for Pizza and GJ?

Since we are only a couple of people that work on Pizza/GJ, we have to
concentrate our efforts to get anything done. Right now, we
concentrate on GJ. The language is fixed in essence, but we are still
polishing the implementation and documentation. GJ's updates run to
about 1 a month, and we try to fix every reported bug within that
time-scale. Currently, there are very few reported bugs. If you find
problems, we are always grateful for reports.
The Pizza development is currently in a dormant (or stable, depending
on how you look at it) state. This means that the language is
currently not being changed, the compiler is maintained, but we are
not working on any major changes. Updates of the Pizza compiler happen
about once per quarter, and we try to fix most reported problems
within that time-frame.
If in the long run there is a lot of interest for both Pizza and GJ,
it would be worthwhile to merge the developments. For instance, one
could base a new version of Pizza on the type system of GJ. To be able
to do this, we need more persons working on the project, though.  I
believe there are a number of interesting research and design problems
arising form such a merger, and there is a fair chance we will have
more people in the future. But there are no definite plans yet.

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